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National Action Plan Social Inclusion 2007-2016

National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (NAPinclusion) 2007-2016 - Ireland

The commitments set out in this Plan are 
ambitious and challenging. The new strategic 
framework will facilitate greater co-ordination and 
integration of structures and procedures across 
Government at national and local levels, as well as 
improved reporting and monitoring mechanisms.
The National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 
(NAPinclusion) has been prepared in a different 
context to the original 1997 National Anti-Poverty 
Strategy. Income support targets (social welfare 
rates and pensions) have now been achieved 
and, in line with the National Economic and Social 
Council (NESC) report on the Developmental 
Welfare State, there is greater emphasis on 
services and activation as a means of tackling 
social exclusion. This is reflected in the nature 
of the Plan, which complements the NDP 2007-
2013 and Towards 2016.

Full Document can be downloaded below.