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Pay agreement 2010-2014 - Full Text

This Agreement will ensure that the Irish Public Service continues its contribution to the return of economic growth and economic prosperity to Ireland, while delivering excellence in service to the Irish people. This will be done by working together to build an increasingly integrated Public Service which is leaner and more effective, and focussed more on the needs of the citizen. The Parties to this Agreement recognise that to achieve this, in the context of reduced resources and numbers, the Public Service will need to be re-organised and public bodies and individual public servants will have to increase their flexibility and mobility to work 
together across sectoral, organisational and professional boundaries. 
The Government acknowledges that public servants have made a very significant contribution towards the recovery of the economy over the last 2 years with over €3 billion saved from the potential Public Service pay and pensions bill: 
  • The general round pay increases under the terms of the Review and Transitional Agreement due in 2009 were not paid; 
  • A general moratorium on recruitment and promotion was applied to most of the Public Service, and incentivised early retirement and career break schemes introduced; 
  • A pension related deduction of an average of nearly 7% was applied to all the earnings of all public servants; and most recently - 
  • A reduction in rates of pay and allowances took effect on 1 January, 2010. 

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