Programme for Government 2009

Posted on Friday, 9 October 2009

When this Government took office in June 2007, few foresaw that record levels of 

economic growth were coming to an end. The international financial crisis plunged 

Ireland into the worst recession we have experienced in 80 years. 

The Irish Government acted quickly to prevent collapse. Difficult decisions had to be 

taken. They were painful to many, but necessary for all. 

After a decade of unprecedented growth, Ireland now has to deal with a period of 

unprecedented challenge. 

We can rise to that challenge. We are the same people we were a year ago: 

enterprising, confident and compassionate. Neither our talent nor our determination 

has been dimmed by our current difficulties. 

The time for crisis management is over. Now we must set about re-creating the 

Republic. This Renewed Programme sets out the Government’s vision of national 

renewal and economic recovery. 

This is an unparalleled programme of reform in all areas of Government activity – in 

politics, economics and across our society. 

We will return this economy to a position of sustainable recovery. Never again will 

we find ourselves overly reliant on one sector or stream of revenue. 

We need vital credit for our cash strapped businesses to work. Our banks must 

reconfigure and reform. We will also ensure that a new regime of corporate 

responsibility is put in place. Any wrongdoing will be uncovered by the institutions 

of the state and brought to its logical conclusion. We cannot accept a return to the old 

ways and we will simply not allow this to happen. 

The Renewed Programme for Government published on October 10, 2009 is available for download below