Report of the Independent Review Panel on the Department of Finance - Full Text

Posted on Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Panel was established by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan on 10 September, 

2010, to examine the Department of Finance’s performance over the last ten years and 

advise how the Department might adapt to meet the challenges of the future. Ireland’s 

economic challenges are substantial, and have become more starkly defined over the three 

month period of our review. 

2. We had enormous support conducting our review. We met a large number of people 

from the political system, officials from the Department, individuals from the broader 

Public Sector and those with an interest in, and interaction with, the Department. We 

invited and received very useful submissions from the public. We enjoyed complete access 

to departmental personnel and records. We were impressed with the enthusiasm of the 

Secretary General and the Department for this exercise, at a time of unprecedented pressure

The Full text of the Report of Independent Review Panel on the Department of Finance can be accessed Below.