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Social Justice Ireland Briefing for meeting with Troika - October 22, 2012 - FULL TEXT

Social Justice Ireland met the IMF/ECB/EC 'troika' on Monday, October 17, 2011. We presented them with a Briefing document setting out a fully-costed set of proposals which would see the terms of the Bailout Agreement met but which would ensure that poor and vulnerable people were not further burdened
There are two major issues we  address in this Briefing for the 
‘Troika’. These are: 1. The selective use of data  by Troika organisations  which is leading to inaccurate analysis which in turn is producing  inappropriate policy  recommendations for  Ireland.
2. Budget 2013 with a  particular focus on  showing how choices can  be made that would reduce  borrowing in 2013 by  €3.5bn while protecting  the vulnerable and creating  jobs. 
On Data, Analysis and Policy Proposals Selective use of data by 
 ‘Troika’ members in the  analysis and documentation  they have produced recently is  leading to inaccurate analysis  which in turn is leading to  inappropriate policy proposals  being made. This is totally  unacceptable.  The ‘Troika’s analysis sets most of the parameters for the  Irish Government’s decisions  on the Budget and other key  areas of policy. So it is  crucially important that the  analysis is as accurate as  possible. 
 On the poverty rate An example of this unacceptable process in  practice can be seen in the  analysis provided on poverty. 
This analysis states that  poverty fell between 2006 and  2010. What this statement  hides is the fact that poverty  fell in the period 2006-2008  but has been rising since then.