Text of Review and Transitional Towards 2016 Agreement is published

Posted on Thursday, 11 June 2009

The text of the first formal review of the National Social Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016 has now been published.  This review started in February and concluded in September 2008. During that period there were dramatic changes in the economic and fiscal context in which the review was taking place. The Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partners (of which CORI Justice is a part) played an active role in this review – with a special focus on Part One of the agreement which constitutes 60 per cent of the agreement and covers allmatters other than pay and conditions.  
The current Social Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016, is a ten year strategic framework for economic and social development. This Review highlighted the progressmade during the first phase of Towards 2016 and the Government and Social Partners have restated their commitment to its shared high-level goals which are to be achieved by 2016.

This review has produced a ‘Transitional Agreement’ on pay and workplace issues which responds to the immediate challenges facing the economy. It has also agreed on the need to reprioritise public expenditure in order to adhere to the keymacroeconomic principles underlying Towards 2016 while recognising the priority of protecting the people who are most vulnerable.

First formal review of the National Social Partnership Agreement can be downloaded in full below