Work for All: Why and How in a World of Rapid Change - paper by Sean Healy and Brigid Reynolds

Posted on Monday, 8 November 2010

There is one dominant framework or paradigm concerning work that is accepted in 

most of the western world. This paradigm equates meaningful work with paid 

employment. It asserts that full time jobs are available for everyone seeking them, 

that these jobs will provide adequate income for people holding them and their 

„dependants‟ and that good social insurance will be available for people who are sick 

or unemployed. In this way everyone will have meaningful work, adequate income, 

participate in the life of the society and poverty would be eliminated. This is the 

paradigm that underpins most public policy initiatives seeking to address work-related 


Full text of paper entitled Work for All: Why and How in a World of Rapid Change can be downloaded below - by Sean Healy and Brigid Reynolds, presented at a conference in Vatican City, September 13, 2001.