Budget Choices 2021

Posted on Monday, 21 September 2020
budgetchoices2021 1

As the first budget of the Government of the 33rd Dáil, Budget 2021 it will be a litmus test of how serious Government is taking its commitment to the creation of a new social contract, contained in the Programme for Government.

Check out the full Budget Choices document here.

It is also important because the Covid-19 pandemic gives this budget unique context. The economic and fiscal disruption created by the pandemic-related restrictions and lockdown measures presents Government with an unprecedented challenge in framing this budget.

The most important decisions will be around the fiscal stance: what approach will government take to the significant deficits that will characterise this budget and most likely all budgets in its term of office. But the challenges that existed pre-Covid remain, and cannot be ignored.

On September 21st, we launched our Budget Briefing, tackling these key issues and giving fully-costed Budgetary packages in more than a dozen policy areas, and additional costed tax proposals. (See video below)

Check out the full document here.

Click on the document or the video on to see our updated positions on the fiscal stance, revenue raising and investment for a fairer and more sustainable Ireland.