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Global Justice Day Seminar 2018

How should we measure progress? We regularly hear reports about economic trends, but the economy is only one aspect of a well-functioning and sustainable society. At Social Justice Ireland, we are interested in measuring real progress, taking into account not just the economic but also the environmental and social factors that influence our well-being as a society.

Each year, Social Justice Ireland marks UN World Day of Social Justice with a seminar looking at Ireland's progress to date in meeting our responsibilities under the Global (Sustainable Development) Goals. This year we launched the Sustainable Progress Index for 2018. This index is based around the Global Goals, measuring how Ireland is performing on social, economic and environmental indicators, and comparing Ireland with other members of the European Union, specifically our peer countries in the EU-15. It was authored Professor Charles Clark of St John's University in New York, and Dr. Catherine Kavanagh and Niamh Lenihan of University College Cork.

The seminar began with a presentation from report author Dr. Kavanagh, and Dr. Sean Healy, CEO of Social Justice Ireland. Respondents to the paper Michael Taft and Niamh Garvey then addressed the issues of work and employment, and Ireland's place and responsibilities on the global stage respectively. Each session was followed by a discussion, and questions from the attendees.

Back row (left to right): Dr. Seán Healy, CEO, Social Justice Ireland; Niamh Lenihan, UCC; Michael Taft, Econmoic Analyst
Front row (left to right): Niamh Garvey, Trocaire; Dr. Catherine Kavanagh, UCC

Session 1: Presenting the Sustainable Progress Index 2018
Dr Catherine Kavanagh, University College Cork
Dr Sean Healy, CEO, Social Justice Ireland

Session 2: Response from a national and international perspective
Michael Taft, Economic Analyst and author of the Notes On The Front blog
Niamh Garvey, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Trocaire