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Government's Jobs Initiative - Full Text

The Irish Government published a Jobs Initiative on May 10, 2011.  This initiative honoured a commitment contained in the Programme for Government.

"It is just under 9 weeks since the new Government assumed office having obtained a secure and stable mandate from the Irish people. We have agreed a Programme for Government which is motivated by a clear vision of an Ireland that, by the end of our term in office, will be recognised as a modern, fair, socially inclusive and equal society, supported by a productive and prosperous economy. 

As we indicated in that Programme, the success of our economic strategy will lay the 
foundation for the rest of our agenda for change. That economic strategy in turn is 
based on a number of essential elements: 
  • ¾ fixing our broken banking system, 
  • ¾ restoring order to our public finances, 
  • ¾ regaining and enhancing our international competitiveness, 
  • ¾ supporting the protection and creation of jobs, 
  • ¾ radically reforming our system of public administration, and 
  • ¾ rebuilding Ireland’s reputation on the international stage. 
We have hit the ground running. Within three weeks of taking up office, we took firm 
and decisive action to recapitalise and restructure the domestic banking system in 
order to restore the banks to a position where they are fit for the purpose of supporting 
economic recovery. Within three more weeks we re-engaged with the EU/IMF/ECB 
partners to renegotiate the Programme of Support for Ireland "
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