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Ireland and the Europe 2020 Strategy

Social Justice Ireland has just published its annual review of the social inclusion aspects of Ireland's National Reform Programme and the Europe 2020 Strategy.  The review examines Ireland's performance in relation to the targets set within the National Reform Programme on poverty and social inclusion, employment and education. It highlights the negative trends both in Ireland and the European Union in relation to the employment, poverty and social inclusion targets that have been set at both national and EU level.  Both Ireland and the EU are moving in the wrong direction.  The findings of the report show that the policies being pursued by government are resulting in the further exclusion of people who already find themselves on the margins of society and pushing Ireland further away from reaching many of its national targetrs under the Europe 2020 Strategy.  This is of major concern to Social Justice Ireland.  It also runs counter to the aim of inclusive growth which is central to the Europe 2020 Strategy.

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