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Ireland First Report - Full Text

Ireland is in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis. It is also in the midst of a serious governance 
crisis. Confidence in the governance structures of the country has been undermined. 
Trust in the regulatory system, the political system and public administration has been damaged severely. 
There is widespread public anger at these failures.
Ireland’s international reputation has also been damaged. This is a matter of grave concern, and should be 
cause for immediate action and a wake up call to all of us. 
The group of people behind this initiative fully recognise that without a thriving economy it is impossible 
to create an equal and fair society. The immediate challenge is to create a “can-do” and “must do” ethos in 
The goal must be to stimulate the economy and create jobs and thus build a fair and just society.
Therefore, while this document focuses on creating the conditions needed to generate specified economic 
objectives, there is also a clear recognition that a holistic approach needs to be taken to advance recovery, 
one which embraces the values of our society, including social protection of the most vulnerable, equality of 
opportunity, freedom of choice, diversity and fairness. 
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