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Living Wage 2015

The Living Wage technical paper for 2015 has just been published.  The 2015 Living Wage rate is €11.50 per hour. This is the average gross salary required by full-time employed adult (without dependents) to afford a socially acceptable minimum standard of living across Ireland.

The 2015 Living Wage has been calculated by the Living Wage Technical Group. The new figure represents an increase of €0.05 per hour over the 2014 rate (€11.45). The increase has been driven by changes in the cost of living and changes in the taxation system.
While the cost of transport, energy and food fell and the USC was reduced, increases in the cost of household goods & services, car insurance and in particular housing costs have resulted in a 5 cent increase in the Living Wage rate in 2015. Housing costs (rent) in Dublin increased by 9%, while outside of Dublin housing costs moved between 1.9% and 5.9%. This more than any other area of expenditure contributed to the €0.05 increase in the Living Wage.

The Living Wage for Ireland is calculated on the basis of the Minimum Essential Standard of Living Research in Ireland, conducted by the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice (VPSJ).  The calculation of the Republic of Ireland living wage is focused on a single adult household.  For more details visit


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