National Social Monitor - European Edition, Spring 2020

Posted on Monday, 23 March 2020
nsm european edition spring 2020

In this Spring 2020 edition of our National Social Monitor, Social Justice Ireland outlines the present situation on a range of policy issues, comparative to the rest of Europe, that impact on people’s wellbeing and looks at whether policy is addressing the causes of problems or only their symptoms.  The issues presented are:     

  1. Housing
  2. Healthcare   
  3. Education and Skills    
  4. Rural Development   
  5. Work         
  6. Governance and Participation     
  7. Income Distribution
  8. Taxation  
  9. Environment and Sustainability   
  10. Global Challenges

All of these issues have implications for Ireland’s economy and how the market performs. However, they also have implications for the wellbeing of all of Europe’s population and for society as a whole.