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Revised Estimates 2010

The 2010 Revised Estimates Volume (REV) provides additional details and 
information in relation to the allocations contained in the 2010 Budget Estimates 
which were set out in the Budget on 9 December 2009. As a general principle, and in 
keeping with the largely technical nature of the REV, the majority of Vote totals, 
Current-Capital provisions, and Subhead allocations remain unchanged, except for the 
• The changes arising from the reductions in rates of pay, decline in public 
service numbers and other related adjustments announced in the Budget which 
were shown as a single “payroll and related adjustments” subhead in the 
Budget Estimates, have now been fully apportioned across each individual 
Vote, with adjustments in some cases to reflect updated information. 
• An adjustment to the amount to be transferred to Vote 32 (Transport) from the 
Local Government Fund (LGF) for the purpose of funding Non-National 
Roads and a consequential adjustment to the LGF allocation from Vote 25 
(Environment, Heritage & Local Government). This adjustment reflects more 
properly the level of the expenditure that will arise in this context. 
• Gross expenditure and/or Net Expenditure on some Votes has been adjusted to 
reflect some changes in outturns, including as regards Appropriations-in-Aid, 
relative to expectations at Budget time.
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