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Revised Estimates 2015

Revised Estimates Budget 2015 provides additional details and information in relation to the allocations contained in the 2015 Estimates, which were set out in the Comprehensive Expenditure Report 2015-2017, published by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on 14 October 2014.  

The REV for 2015 will set out a gross total expenditure estimate of €53.2 billion for 2015.  Of this, gross current spend is €49.6 billion and gross capital spend is €3.6 billion for the year.

This year’s publication contains a considerable number of technical changes and are designed to enhance the reporting of public expenditure figures and reflect international standards.

These are as follows:

The REV reflects the disestablishment of the Health Service Executive (HSE) Vote (formerly Vote 39) in line with the provisions of the Health Service Executive (Financial Matters) Act, July 2014.  The expenditure of the HSE will now be met through a grant from the Minister for Health. This change will not impact on the level of funding available for Health expenditure and the figures presented in the REV have been restated to reflect this change.

Also included is the reclassification of expenditure arising from changes to the European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA) standards which involve the reclassification of some expenditure from current to capital.  This change is budget neutral.

Supplementary material is included in the Summary Tables to show Exchequer pay and pensions expenditure on an accruals basis. This is in addition to the exclusively cash-based financial reporting which has been available until now and provides a basis for clearer comparison between years.

There are also changes as a result of the Local Property Tax (LPT) self-financing adjustment which is reflected in Voted allocations for the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport and the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government but will not impact on the amount of funding available for local government.

There are a number of other changes as follows:

The REV provides for the additional Exchequer pay and pensions pay day in 2015 -an increase of around €300 million – but which will not impact on the General Government Balance as an accruals adjustment was made for it on Budget Day.  This arises as every 10/11 years, an additional payment arises for fortnightly paid staff when the first and final payroll dates occur on 1 January and 31 December respectively.  This arises in 2015 with the additional payment representing the crystallisation of a liability that has been accruing over a number of years;

  • a net increase of €85 million relating to Government decisions around water costs; and
  • some €62 million to meet additional spending pressures .
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