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When Ireland's GDP and GNP per capita are far above the EU average why are the poor being dispossessed?

The latest figures for GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita in EU Member States have been published by Eurostat.  They show Ireland's GDP per capita in Purchasing Power Standard (PPS) is 125% of the EU average. Only Luxembourg and the Netherlands arae higher. Denmark and Austria are tied with Ireland.  All other EU countries have lower GDP per capita in 2010.Even when  measured as a percentage of GNP (Gross National Product) Ireland is still above the the EU average and ranks in the top dozen countries.

This data raises a very fundamental question: as this is the situation why is Ireland engaging in a process of dispossessing poor people so as to pay back gambling, wayward banks?  Isn't there more than enough resource available to address Ireland's current difficulties without further victimising those who are poor and/or vulnerable?

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